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Most students are reminded on a regular basis by teachers and parents  to go to class, sitting in the front and center, to study every day to use flash cards, take notes well and good order. Students who master these skills at an early stage of an academic career is generally better grades than those who do not. Less well known effect on the success of teacher training is expected. If the teacher expects you to do most likely to succeed, but if the situation is reversed, you can not do your potential. This is called the Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect. All the prejudices of teachers are positive or negative impact on grades. Unless the teacher is constantly alert to himself, even the best of them to continue this kind of inequality in education, all are susceptible. Most of the time, reacting to our prejudices, not realizing that what we are doing is discriminatory or discretionary. Students are able to determine the experience has helped mold their prejudices teacher.

However, through knowledge, commitment and perseverance: the expectations, conscious or unconscious can change for a student.

Students need to market their intellectual abilities. They need to convince their teachers that they are intelligent. This should begin when the student is first seen by the teacher. The ability of a student to sell the teacher will have an impact on his notes for this class. Even in politics it is not always the candidate with the highest IQ or the best budget plan that wins the elections, but only that people believe or trust will do the best job. In marketing, I do not think that students should strive to be loved or known by their teachers, although it would not hurt. More importantly, I think that teachers "think" that the student is intelligent. Let's say I think that instead of knowing, because my point is that even if a student is really capable of doing well in school, he or she will most likely underperform if the teacher believes the student is not brilliant and therefore treat it as such.

Because people are constantly making judgments about what they are, it is important to do everything possible to influence a decision in favor of students.

The study, entitled brokerage relationship the expected effects: 31 meta-analysis, found that teachers think their students are in the Smart Display, "a warmer socio-emotional, use more positive feedback to give more contribution the number and difficulty of the material being taught, and to increase the number of outgoing students from the opportunity to answer increasingly interact with the student. "No wonder that students learn in these circumstances, it is usually better grades than Students who do not. Unfortunately, this is difficult to control. Most teachers are always aware of the efforts to avoid favoritism. Some come to a logical conclusion, that their efforts are best used for students who are eligible for special attention. Fortunately, anyone who steps to take to get this treatment is easy to follow, and many students are already engaged in outside of school.

Siegel's research and Terry Powell, called Exploring distortions when students master appointed for talented programs, describes the trends that teachers have to determine which of their students are the smartest. These determinations are made before the teachers of the students were actually tested or evaluated by experts. These circumstances, I wrote the recommendations, which students can monitor the impact on the perception of the teacher has them, for their own good.

Prime Many educators believe that students like to read intelligent. Students should always be seen with a book in his hand and read it as soon as possible. The book should be something that students read at leisure.

2. Many teachers think that the smartest students do math in his head. Whenever possible, the mental arithmetic should be performed at home and when the opportunity arises to be demonstrated in class.

3. The instructors of the value of the benefits of an unusual and thought to characterize talented students. Students must develop and demonstrate their interest in something that is rare, most of his life such as politics or the stock market.

4. An extensive data must be taken into account in determining the most able students. Reading the video, and other sources to develop the ability to offer intelligent and informed opinions on various topics.

The fifth problem solving is also considered a trait of intelligence. Students will develop and share their views and strategies on how to fix the school, staff, and perhaps even general problems or public.

I suggest that students spend time developing the skills and characteristics mentioned above. For students who already are practicing outside of school, I recommend you implement in school too. That will benefit students if teachers consider these attributes in practice. These tips are not intended to replace traditional learning strategies, such as study groups, tutoring, and communicate with instructors, but is inclined to consider and teachers treat students in a way that is more conducive to learning. I hope this article does not help to improve their grades or notes from someone you know. If it helps, I'd love to hear your story. Feel free to write, comment or suggest new topics at any time.
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